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Price: $169.00
Serena, the Fairy of Sweet Dreams

As the sunís last rays fade and night begins to fall, Serena stirs awake. Serena is prepared to guide you through the darkness into the land of sweet dreams. Taking away the worry and stress of the day, she leads us towards the promise of a bright tomorrow and a sweet nightís sleep.
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Serena sleeps peacefully herself in her fur lined seed pod that she calls bed.  Curled up peacefully, she is a vision of serenity and comfort.  By her side rests her tiny cup of lavender tea made from nature’s bounty and a little battery operated night light that provides a soft glow.  She is dressed in midnight black starched silk highlighted with shimmering pearls and moon dust.  If you’re in need of a Fairy to usher in the sweet tranquility of a good night’s sleep, Serena is definitely the one.