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Price: $189.00
Tanya, Queen of the Carnival

Tanya’s presence causes music to be a little louder, the food to be more abundant, wine to flow more freely and the rhythm of the dancing to be off the charts! Tanya is the Queen of the gala and she puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face all the while driving the last vestiges of winter from the land and carrying us through to a magnificent Spring.
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As the Carnival Queen, it’s only reasonable that Tanya be a sight for sore winter-weary eyes.  Dressed in vibrant turquoise and purple silk highlighted with shimmering gold, she is perched atop her black satin top hat which doubles as a treasure box.  She sits amidst a spray of ostrich and peacock feathers in vivid huesmeasuring about 6" tall.  Most striking of all is her magnificent mask painted on her exquisite face.  This lends her an air of mystery and intrigue which allows her to move among humans easily in disguise.  Perched on top of her ebony curls is her revelers hat complete with tiny gold bells.  Tanya is truly a sight to behold and will surely bring her celebratory energy and spirit to your home.