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Price: $179.00
Time Stands Still
Price: $119.00
Elvin, The Super Fairy
Elvin is a magical being that performs a very important service in your home. He constantly scours the depths of your closet, the darkness of all corners and the mysterious space under your bed to rid it of any mischevious misbehavers that may be secreted there.
Gabrielle, The Tree Top Fairy
Donít tell me you donít have a Fairy atop your Christmas tree? Well, thankfully we can put that situation to right. Back by popular demand is our Christmas Tree Top Fairy. This beauty is the crowning glory of any festive tree. Here she is dressed in white starched silk with silver and Tiffany blue accents but you can choose your own colour scheme.
Unlike many of the fairies you will encounter, Gratitude does not come from some far away land but is found within all of us, awaiting the time we free her. Gratitude is what we at Fables, Fantasy & Fairy Tales experience most when we think back on the past 25 years. For all of you who have joined us on the journey, we canít thank you enough!
Maple will take us on the journey to celebrate this land called Canada that is matchless in abundance and beauty.
Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Passion, the Power of the Feminine Spirit
With all its creativity, desire and ambition, the feminine spirit personified in the Fairy Passion will engage its pink power and turn back the orange surge so humanity and compassion can return to our world. Have no doubts my friends, obstacles will become minor bumps on the road of life when the power of pink exercises her influence.
Serena, the Fairy of Sweet Dreams
As the sunís last rays fade and night begins to fall, Serena stirs awake. Serena is prepared to guide you through the darkness into the land of sweet dreams. Taking away the worry and stress of the day, she leads us towards the promise of a bright tomorrow and a sweet nightís sleep.
Tanya, Queen of the Carnival
Tanyaís presence causes music to be a little louder, the food to be more abundant, wine to flow more freely and the rhythm of the dancing to be off the charts! Tanya is the Queen of the gala and she puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face all the while driving the last vestiges of winter from the land and carrying us through to a magnificent Spring.
Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still is perched on her symbolic hourglass which would measure about 4" tall and has been turned on its side, preventing the grains of sand from draining into the bottom capsule.
In the ĎTween Time as we move from day to night, you can find yourself in the presence of Twilight. In her glistening beauty, she, like you, is enjoying those wonderful moments of excitement and anticipation that come when we look forward to change.
Itís a calm windless day yet you see the gentle bending of blades of grass and hear the whisperings of trembling leaves. You are in the presence of Zephyr. Zephyr is a tiny spirit, as soft as silk and as gentle as a summer breeze.