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Price: $199.00
Hazel, the Cleaning Fairy
Price: $169.00
Heart's Desire
Cherry Blossom
A true sign of the awakening of Spring is the cherry blossom. Known for its elegance and beauty, the cherry blossom blooms brillianltly and then vanishes. This is just like our Fairy, Cherry Blossom. Here for just a short while until a spring zephyr blows her away, she reminds us that life is short and incredibly beautiful so lets make the most of it.
Unlike many of the fairies you will encounter, Gratitude does not come from some far away land but is found within all of us, awaiting the time we free her. Gratitude is what we at Fables, Fantasy & Fairy Tales experience most when we think back on the past 25 years. For all of you who have joined us on the journey, we can’t thank you enough!
Hazel, the Cleaning Fairy
Hazel the Cleaning Fairy is taking a break from her onerous efforts of keeping you motivated to tackle your spring cleaning. She is dressed in her multi-coloured starched silk ragged dress which, of course, is complete with sparkling fairy dust. A matching headband circles her curly chestnut locks.
Heart's Desire
The Heart Chakra is located in the very middle of our body and balances between the world of matter and the world of spirit. It is associated with balance, calmness and serenity. Heart’s Desire is designed to speak to the tiny flame that lives inside our heart. With her mystical fairy breath, she blows gently on this tiny flame and brings it to life.
I’m just cute. I might be tiny but really I’m just cute. And in my presence, I “cuten up” everything.
Tiny Thimbelina is drssed in soft crimson silk and sits on a spotted toadstool that is planted in her thimble flower pot. Soft moss and minute roses complete her home. Just an inch and a half tall, Thimbelina Fairy will “cuten up” your home.

Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still is perched on her symbolic hourglass which would measure about 4" tall and has been turned on its side, preventing the grains of sand from draining into the bottom capsule.
In the ‘Tween Time as we move from day to night, you can find yourself in the presence of Twilight. In her glistening beauty, she, like you, is enjoying those wonderful moments of excitement and anticipation that come when we look forward to change.
It’s a calm windless day yet you see the gentle bending of blades of grass and hear the whisperings of trembling leaves. You are in the presence of Zephyr. Zephyr is a tiny spirit, as soft as silk and as gentle as a summer breeze.