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Melody, The Siren of Song is at work. Melody inspires the most beautiful songs in heaven and earth.
Product Information
Melody inspires the most beautiful songs in heaven and earth. Her entrancing songs can be heard lilting on the wind or in the serenity of a still forest. Her mystical music is her gift to lift our spirits, fill our hearts and make us smile.

Melody is a truly stunning fairy. She enchants our eyes as well as our ears. She sits delicately poised on a black velvet stool. Beneath her dainty feet runs a ribbon of song. Beside her sits her majestic twinkling harp, which she uses to create her otherworldly hymns. Her dress is a perfect harmony of ebony and ivory made from the finest fairy spun silk with highlights of glistening fairy dust. At her waist is a splendid jeweled sash. A gem-studded choker circles her elegant neck and her cascading mahogany hair is adorned with a brilliant gold tiara. Melody has magnificent ebony and ivory wings with golden highlights that frame her soft and beautiful face. She watches lovingly as the golden symphony of notes she holds in her hand float off to the heavens.

St. Patrick himself said of her song:
"Nothing could more nearly than it resemble heaven?s harmony"


Melody is a limited edition of only 61 pieces. Melody?s Issue Date was October 17, 2007 and her Issue Price was $194.00.