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Soleste, The Sun Fairy SOLD OUT

"Fairy of the Sun so clear
We praise your inspiration here
Fill the world with possibilities great
So your life and light creates our fate."

Product Information
As dawn breaks, Soleste guides the warmth and brightness of the sun?s rays through to you. Her job done, Soleste takes a siesta and basks in a ring of glorious sunshine. Soleste?s silk dress is fashioned in the hues and shape of the fiery dance of morning sunshine spangled with the sparkling golden effervescence of the noon sun high in the sky. Her royal crown of gold and feathered rays of sunlight sits delicately upon her cascading locks the colour of the bright red sun. Shimmering sun-dusted wings further accent Soleste?s great beauty and gentleness. She holds against her a golden orb of the sun?s heat and energy. This is her gift to you. She also gives you her promise to be your loyal ray of sunshine on cloudy days along with her promise that the sun will always shine again.