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Cherry Blossom
Amber is a gorgeous sitting fairy (6" tall if standing) dressed in silk and feathers in lush, vibrant earth tones trimmed with rich gold and copper beading.
Captured mid dance is Aurora, our Northern Lights Fairy. She flies joyfully holding aloft her beaded garland that helps to create her mysterious fireworks. Streaming strands of colour trail from her skirt and opalescent filaments flow from her midnight black hair.
To believe is not to just dream. It is to know with your heart and your gut. It opens our eyes to opportunity and allows are visions to become our reality. Belief has inspired us and led us on our 20 year journey of fairy making and we have chosen to honour it on our 20th Anniversary.
Dressed in such a striking coloured outfit, Blaze is ready to set fire to your heart. Her sweet face is enhanced by the deep plum, fuschia and golden tones of her costume. Blaze can sit prettily anywhere.
Baby Blossom sleeps peacefully, bum in the air, waiting for her mother's light touch and loving spirit.
Calypso, The Pirate Fairy
Calypso the Fairy Pirate is known far and wide for her stunning beauty and courageous and daring heart. She is perched on the corner of her overflowing treasure chest that shines with coin, silver, gold and gems.
Catya the Curious
What would our world be without curiosity? Whether it is that of our world?s great inventors or of a singular fairy wondering what It?s like to be on the inside of a glass, curiosity leads us to knew places and ideas.
Chandra, the Genie Fairy
Nestled inside her comfortable bottle home, the Genie Fairy awaits her calling to the outside world. Chandra, the Genie Fairy has been coaxed from the safety of her bottle and awaits the pleasure of service. She is empowered with fairy magic to alter reality and grant the heart?s desires of her master.

Cherry Blossom
A true sign of the awakening of Spring is the cherry blossom. Known for its elegance and beauty, the cherry blossom blooms brillianltly and then vanishes. This is just like our Fairy, Cherry Blossom. Here for just a short while until a spring zephyr blows her away, she reminds us that life is short and incredibly beautiful so lets make the most of it.
Pretty as a picture is how we like to describe Chloe. She is a breath of fresh spring air after a long frosty winter. Chloe is the spirit of dainty and steps gently and softly into our world.
Diandra, The Master Gardener of the Fairy Realm
Have you noticed the amazing proliferation of Fairy Gardens? Perhaps you even have one yourself? Well none of it would be possible without Diandra, the Fairy Realm’s Master Gardener.
Doris, the Fairy Godmother
Either standing or flying, Doris is dressed in a pale blue brocade gown with sparkling tulle accents. She has silver hair and shimmering butterfly style wings and carries her wand that grants the dreams of those she

Elvin, The Super Fairy
Elvin is a magical being that performs a very important service in your home. He constantly scours the depths of your closet, the darkness of all corners and the mysterious space under your bed to rid it of any mischevious misbehavers that may be secreted there.
Enchanted Discovery
In a quiet moment as she sits alone dreaming of her life to come, a young lady discovers her very first fairy. In this moment of peace and serenity, she illustrates all that is possible with the magical power of the imagination.
Fairy Baby Booty
This sweet Fairy Baby with her pink cheeks and pouty mouth sleeps peacefully in her porcelain Baby Booty.
Fairy in her Throne
This fairy queen sits comfortably on her custom made throne constructed of the finest preserved leaves, twigs and flowers nature has to offer.

Fairy of the Sea
This 8" long mermaid rests her elegant body and deep tourquoise and green sparkling tail against sea shells scattered on a rock.
Fairy Sprite
This pixie eared Sprite is full of charm & mischief.
The Fairy Faith is a reflection of all that is pure and innocent.
It is said that Felicity was flying over a volcano that suddenly erupted in a magnificent cavalcade of colour. Felicity was caught in the middle of it and her whole body and outfit was transformed.
Felix is the wanderlust boy fairy whose curiosity and sense of adventure lead him to the edge of peril. 4" tall, he is captured in flight with his leaf cape billowing behind him.
Flame is afire with passion and intensity. She is dressed in a hand painted silk skirt blazing with orange, red, brown and golden tones.
Freda, The Frazzled Fairy
Ever feel like just pulling your hair out? Are you on multi-tasking overload? Is your to-do list longer than your arm? One might say you are frazzled…
Meet Freda, The Frazzled Fairy. She is here to help. Tell her your challenges and she will lift their burden from you and usher in a state of calm. All you have to do is believe!