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Price: $179.00
Time Stands Still
Price: $119.00
Tanya, Queen of the Carnival
Tanya’s presence causes music to be a little louder, the food to be more abundant, wine to flow more freely and the rhythm of the dancing to be off the charts! Tanya is the Queen of the gala and she puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face all the while driving the last vestiges of winter from the land and carrying us through to a magnificent Spring.
Tea Cup Fairy
The combination of a delicate porcelain Fairy and a beautifully decorated bone china cup & saucer is irresistable.
The Birthday Fairy
This is just the Fairy to include in your next birthday celebration. Whether it?s your birthday or someone near and dear to you, The Birthday Fairy will help you celebrate. This smiling Charmer holding aloft her sparkling balloons is perched on her gift-wrapped box.
The Kaleidoscope Gang
The Kaleidoscope Gang are known to posess an abundance of mischief and playfulness. People who invite them into their homes should be prepared to add a lot of adventure and spice to their lives.
The Kaleidoscope Gang - Crimson
Crimson is dressed in vibrant shades of cherry and scarlet that reflects her fun personality.
The Kaleidoscope Gang - Honey
Honey is golden and so is her dress. It is accented with strands of tiny gold beads.
The Kaleidoscope Gang - Indigo
Indigo is dressed in a deep lively shade of blue with glittering accents.
The Kaleidoscope Gang - Jade
Jade is attired in petals of jade green silk edged in gold and a gold braid waistband.
The Kaleidoscope Gang - Violet
Violet is attired in a lavender and purple hued silk outfit that sets off her alabaster skin.
The White Wizard
Through a crack of lightning the mighty White Wizard appears. Dressed in fine starched silk encrusted in crystal dust, he stands on a spectacular sparkling quartz geode. His face is lined and set with a gentle smile and a twinkle in his eye. His arms are outstretched to welcome you.
Time Stands Still
Time Stands Still is perched on her symbolic hourglass which is 4" tall when standing and has been turned on its side, preventing the grains of sand from draining into the bottom capsule.
Tina, The Ballerina Fairy
Dancing on air, by the light of the moon, trailing a stream of sparkly fairy dust and soft pink stars we meet Tina, the Ballerina Fairy. Dressed in a sparkling pink tutu highlighted with silver and pink stars, Tina floats across the sky. Seemingly weightless, she is a picture of grace and elegance.
Tipsy sleeps sweetly in her champagne class with her bottle of fine wine by her side. Tipsy is dressed in fine white lace with tiny silk rosebud accents. Her hair sweeps upward off her peaceful face and delicte ringlets cascade down.
Treasure can be the love between a parent and child of any realm. Treasure can be the enchantment of time spent together in warmth and ease. Treasure can be the security of knowing there is a safe place for all of us, fairy and human alike. Treasure is knowing that the cold and brutality of winter will give way to the delight of spring and the mystery and hope of new life.
Twig, The Last of the Fall Fairies
After taking all the leaves from the trees and ridding them of any deadwood, Twig wraps all the trees with her protecting charm and lulls them softly to sleep for the upcoming winter. She then starts looking for a cozy warm household to welcome her to their hearth for the upcoming dark months. Will you welcome Twig into your home this winter?
In the ‘Tween Time as we move from day to night, you can find yourself in the presence of Twilight. In her glistening beauty, she, like you, is enjoying those wonderful moments of excitement and anticipation that come when we look forward to change.
Victorian Flying Fairy
This magical Victorian Fairy suspended from the Heavens can fly anywhere in your home.
Willow is a reflection of the regal and magical tree after which she is named. If we are very quiet and serene, she speaks to humans like willow leaves whispering in the wind.
Winter's Majesty
As fall journeys to winter and our magnificent forests prepare for their winters sleep, a stirring occurs. From the tips of their bare heavens reaching branches a fay troupe emerges. Winter’s Majesty and her fellow fairies come to life. Brought to life by the first hint of snow, they work hard to restore the life force of every tree to renew it and make it ready for the spring season to come.