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Price: $199.00
Hazel, the Cleaning Fairy
Price: $169.00
Heart's Desire
Gayle, The North Wind Fairy
Her power and passion can shake our world, move mountains and create a new reality in our lives. Gayle is the master conductor of the skies. She can be gentle and subtle, teaching us to dance and play like a leaf on a breeze or strong and blustering, pushing us on to new heights.
Goth Fairy
Dark and mysterious, the Goth Fairy is truly stunning. Her dark lips and eyeliner and raven black hair are a perfect foil for her pale skin.
Grace, The Exalted Teacher of the Fairy Realm
Sitting on her Stool of Knowledge, Grace scatters a very special fairy dust that energizes the brains of students and stimulates their curiosity. She inspires teachers with wisdom and discerning so they are able to reach even the most vacant mind.
Hazel, the Cleaning Fairy
Hazel the Cleaning Fairy is taking a break from her onerous efforts of keeping you motivated to tackle your spring cleaning. She is dressed in her multi-coloured starched silk ragged dress which, of course, is complete with sparkling fairy dust. A matching headband circles her curly chestnut locks.
Heart's Desire
The Heart Chakra is located in the very middle of our body and balances between the world of matter and the world of spirit. It is associated with balance, calmness and serenity. Heartís Desire is designed to speak to the tiny flame that lives inside our heart. With her mystical fairy breath, she blows gently on this tiny flame and brings it to life.
From the darkness of dismay, the curtains part and Hope emerges planting seeds of promise and plenty. In her youthful uplifted face is reflected all the possibilities of this world.
Jacqueline Frost
Have you ever wondered who or what was responsible for the magnificent designs of frost patterns? Credit has long been given to Jack Frost, a somewhat mischievous being also known for his winter pranks and bite. But if the truth be known, the brilliant artist in the Frost Family is Jacqueline Frost, his oldest sister.
Joanna, The Vampire Fairy
Joanna?s skin is pure white with a soft iridescent glow that gives her an incredible beauty that we can only marvel at. The light in her soul is reflected in her skin. She believes in love without sin and wickedness but as her sharp fangs can attest, she is ready to wreak havoc upon any man who would harm those she protects.
Jock & Albert, The Pranksters of the Fairy Realm
Have you ever lost a sock in the dryer? Had your GPS get you so lost you hardly know which way is up? If you have ever dropped a piece of buttered bread you surely know which side lands face down. The faint echoes of snickering you hear is that of these playful pranksters, the masters of creative chaos.
Kelly, The Fairy from Erin
Kelly reflects the lush green that is Ireland. 5-1/2" tall, she is dressed in green leaves that are burnished in gold and have deep red veins. Her pale skin and flowing red hair makes gives her the appearance of having just flown out from the depths of one of Ireland's forests.
Koy, The Goldfish Fairy
Koy peers into her pond, fascinated by 2 tiny gold fish. Goldfish are known for their courage and perseverance to swim upstream and they have had quite a journey to meet her there. Koy makes a wish on each fish, hoping to share their strength with the Fairy Realm as well as with all of us
Sweet and pure best describes our fairy Lacey. Dressed in exquisite scalloped silk and crocheted lace, Lacey sits graciously on your shelf or computer or secret nook and waits to bring her spirit of joy and serenity to your day.

Lady Luck
Lady Luck may be fickle in nature but she?s certainly a beauty to look at. Dressed in striking black and white iridescent silk, she sits jauntily on her satin top hat, which also doubles as a treasure, box.
Maeve which is an old english name meaning intoxicating is an appropriate moniker for this fairy. She is darkly alluring and soon has an intoxicating effect on one's senses.
Maple will take us on the journey to celebrate this land called Canada that is matchless in abundance and beauty.
Happy 150th Birthday Canada.

Masquerade is a mysterious fairy, ready to disguise herself at a moment?s notice to hide from the fairy unbeliever.
Mother & Child
A mother and child?s unconditional love in any realm is a joyous and inspirational thing to behold. This is definitely true amongst the fairies. The child looks to his mother for guidance & strength and the mother sees beyond the child and all the unlimited possibilities, promise and potential that awaits them. Their bond is such that all the dark forces cannot break it. One will always be there for the other even as the child flies from his mother?s arms and sets out to encounter their dreams. Our Mother and Child Fairies invite you to bring them home and mirror their love in your family and life.
Music Empowerment
What we celebrate defines who we are and what better way to begin than by reintroducing our Fairy Music Box. As we have long known, perhaps the most powerful tool in attracting fairies is music as it is one of their biggest enjoyments. Nothing is celebrated without music. Here we combine a lovely fairy dressed in white lace and sit her amongst the flowers as they rotate and tinkle sweet fairy tunes.