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1/2" Scale Fairies
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Price: $30.00
Price: $124.00
1/2" scale Pixie Boy
This mischievous charmer is about 2" tall and has a fully jointed porcelain body. His impish smile and bright blue eyes are delightful. He is dressed in green suede pants with a leaf collar and has a tiny acorn hat.
1/2" scale Sitting Summer Fairy
This refreshingly pretty fairy will sit delicately in your setting and is perfect for your Egg Art. She is dressed in delicate blue and mauve patterned silk but you may select the colour tones in the dress of the fairy you choose. If standing she would be 2-1/2"-3" tall.
1/2" Scale Sleeping Fairy
This tiny fairy would be 2-1/2" tall if standing. Dressed in delicate white lace she sleeps peacefully on her side. Her waiste and brow is accented with a tiny crystal.
1/2"scale Sitting Mermaid
This elegant mermaid is 2-1/2" tall and is a perfect size for use in Egg Art. Her tail glistens softly in shades of blue and aqua. The shell on which she sits is not included.
Delicate and ethereal in appearance, Astra is known to hitch a ride on bubbles of air and float gracefully on nature’s gentle

Autumn is reminiscent of the glorious hues of the fall season. Dressed in hand painted silk in bronze and copper tones with golden accents, she sits delicately with her legs to the side and can be adjusted so her legs point down. Her moth wings match the tones of her dress. She's looking for a perfect home in your setting.
Bud Baby - Arms Up
Our Bud Babies are cute as a button with their wide eyes and sweet faces. This little Bud Baby stands at about 3/4" tall and holds her arms up waiting for you to take her home.
Bud Baby - Belly
Our Bud Babies are cute as a button with their wide eyes and sweet faces. This Bud Baby holds her head in her hands as she lies on her belly looking up sweetly. She is about 3/4" long.
Bud Baby - Sitting
Our Bud Babies are cute as a button with their wide eyes and sweet faces. The sitting Bud Baby is about 3/4" tall with round cheeks and a round belly.
Bud Baby - Sleeping
Our Bud Babies are cute as a button with their wide eyes and sweet faces. The Sleeping Bud Baby is about 3/4" long and sleeps serenely on her belly.
Bud Baby - Standing
Our Bud Babies are cute as a button with their wide eyes and sweet faces. This Bud Baby is particularly appealing with her pouty face and round belly. She stands about 3/4" tall.
A beautiful fairy deserves a beautiful name so we decided to name this fairy Chloe. Chloe is about as delicate and charming as you could imagine. She is dressed in variegated starched silk which ranges in colour from soft acqua to indigo. The petals of her skirt shimmer with fairy dust and multi-coloured butterfly patterned wings give her flight. Chloe stands about 3" tall.
Fleur is dressed in bright spring green silk and sits cross-legged in her daisy. (vase not included)
Fleur, Sprig & Posie
There’s nothing like a bouquet of flowers to brighten your day. And this bouquet gives you a little extra magic! Basking and frolicking in the sunshine are three delightful fairies who have taken up residence in their own flower.
Gemma, The Secret Stone Fairy
Fairy Lore has long told us that within every rock a Fairy resides. This Fairy contains the essence of the rock and when she awakes she dispenses the rock? properties to the world around her. Gemma is our interpretation of this legend.
Sumptuous and regal, this little fairy is a heavyweight when it comes to beauty and visual impact. She stands about 3" tall and is dressed in gilded lace and starched silk. Glimmering with fairy dust, she has spectacular butterfly patterned wings and curly golden hair topped with a tiara.
Justine, The Fairy Sage
Mystical potions, spells and defense against the dark arts. These are all the domain of this little magical creature we call Justine. Justine is a scholar of all things magical.
Lyla sits peacefully with her legs to the side. She is dressed in the softest lilac silk with glittering accents and an irredescent belt. Sitting, Lyla is 1-3/4" tall.
Having risen from her coral palace beneath the sea, Marina suns herself sitting on her seashell. She begins, softly at first and then louder to send out her siren song to lure us to forgo some of our winter drudgery and join her in her land of sun, sand and sea.
Nymph - Kneeling
This tiny porcelain Nymph is about 1" tall. Dressed in a chiffon skirt edged in gold with a matching glittering garland around her neck, she is a tiny jewel with lots of attitude.
Nymph - Reclining
This porcelain nymph reclines casually on her side leaning on one elbow. At approximately 1" long she can laze just about anywhere you want to put her.
Nymph - Sitting
This tiny treasure sits at about 3/4" tall. She is dressed in a chiffon skirt with gold edging and a matching glittering garland around her neck and chest. She's small enough to perch just about anywhere.
Posie is nestled comfortably inside her rose enjoying a spring nap. (vase not included)
Pretty in Pink could be another name for this ethereal sitting fairy dressed in soft pink varriegated silk. Delicate wings and pretty puffed sleeves make her a vision.
Princess on her Throne
Princess is dressed in soft pink variegated silk with irredescent trim and delicate pink wings. Here she sits on her tiny throne constructed from preserved natural twigs, leaves and flowers. Princess & her Throne is about 3"tall.
Sprig is dressed in petals of the softest yellow silk and is ready to take flight from her lily. (Vase not included)
Sprout is as cute as they come. Dressed in spring green pants and yellow tunic with a leaf cape, this tiny fairy (2? tall) will be sure to make you smile. Small in size but mighty in personality, Sprout has a tiny leather cap and matching belt. Let Sprout bring a smile to your day and a spring to your step.
The Matchbox Fairy
Nestled serenely in her fancy jeweled matchbox lies your very own “eater of worries”. She sleeps peacefully waiting for you to wake her up and share your burdens, both feeding this little fairy and bringing lightness and relief to you.
The Trinket Thief
The Trinket Thief is sneaky little fairy and here she is hiding out in her very own trinket collector disguised as an owl ornament. This sparkling glass owl ball is lined in silver leaf and measures about 4” in diameter so it can hang anywhere in your home and act as a perfect little safe for some of your own treasures in addition to the ones the Trinket Thief has carefully stashed here.
I’m just cute. I might be tiny but really I’m just cute. And in my presence, I “cuten up” everything.
It’s a spark… a flash… no it’s Twinkle!
The great stars in the sky send forth little pieces of magic which become fairies full of phosphorescent light. With her ability to appear or disappear at her pleasure, Twinkle is an earthbound light show. Just 3” tall she’ll bring her light to your Christmas and beyond.

Walnut Surprise
Just because you don’t see the Fairy doesn’t mean she is not there. Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities and they will often occur. Hidden inside this real hinged walnut shell sleeps a tiny Bud Bab
It’s a calm windless day yet you see the gentle bending of blades of grass and hear the whisperings of trembling leaves. You are in the presence of Zephyr. Zephyr is a tiny spirit, as soft as silk and as gentle as a summer breeze.