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One Of A Kind
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Price: $199.00
Jasper - SOLD
Price: $169.00
Tweet - SOLD
Celestite Charm - SOLD
The sparkle of this Celestite crystal is matched only by the glimmering beauty of it's fairy. So gentle and delicate in colouring, the crystal and the fairy radiate otherworldliness and mysticism.
Dragonfire -SOLD
This piece is a wonderful combination of medieval menace, otherworldly magic and candlelit romance. Sitting on a castle turret, the Dragonfire Fairy tames her beast.
Elsa & her Lioness SOLD
Elsa is the namesake of a famous African Lioness that touched many hearts. Elsa the fairy sits serenely on a polished piece of amazonite with her lioness by her side.
Perched on a piece of aqua coloured marble, Gwenyth sits dreamily with one leg pulled in towards her. She is dressed in aqua coloured starched silk with glimmering fairy dust and matching feather accents.
Indian Princess Fairy - SOLD
This magnificent Fairy sits majestically atop her silver elephant. She looks like she would be at home in some maharajah's palace in the far east. There are fairies in all cultures and she represents hers exquisitely.
Jasper - SOLD
The ancient meaning of the name "Jasper" is Little Gem and that's a perfect dscription for this Fairy. Perched on a deep gold piece of citrine, Jasper is a vision in gold.
Tempest - SOLD
Tempest is as fiery as the storm which blew her in from the sea. She sought shelter in this empty shell and is now ready to venture out and explore her new world.
The Amethyst Circle of Inspiration Fairy SOLD
There is so much Fairy Magic woven into the shape of a circle or ring. Combined with the spiritual properties of amethyst we have created an Inspirational Fairy who is a wonderful companion on your journey of self discovery.
The Shoe Fairy- SOLD
Fairies aren't the only beings that love shoes. They share this trait with many of their human counterparts. This golden duo are a "perfect pair" (pun intended).
Tweet - SOLD
Fairies and birds just naturally seem to go together and these two have found their soul mate. Tweet is perched ready for flight either on her own or on the wings of her cast iron chickadee.
Winter Magic - SOLD
This exquisite fairy looks like she was startled by a mysterious noise in her birch woods. Protected inside her mahogany and black toned wood shadow box, she peeks out to see who or what has discovered her presence.