Each Fairy will be individually hand crafted from porcelain by Fairy Artisans Teresa Fischer & Terry Wolfert.
Unless stated otherwise, each fairy is 1? scale which makes their standing height 5- 6?.
Express yourself. Customize your fairy to make her uniquely yours.
Talk to Terry or Teresa 1-888-770-8418

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Gabrielle, The Tree Top Fairy
Delicate and ethereal in appearance, Astra is known to hitch a ride on bubbles of air and float gracefully on nature’s gentle
breezes. She loves the freedom of soaring to new heights and surveying the wonders of our world as she floats on air.

Baby New Year
Baby New Year is dressed in pristine white and is nestled on a pure white cloud with just a hint of stardust within a glistening glass ball. Baby New Year is here to help you celebrate new beginnings, new dreams, new hope and all the joys a New Year can bring.
Candi Cane
Candi may not be the most mystical fairy in the fairy realm but she certainly is the sweetest!
Christal reflects the purity and joy that is the spirit of Christmas. She flies throughout the winter sky sprinkling fairy dust from her crystal ball in her wake. We?re sure you?re not surprised to learn she is actually Jack Frost?s little sister!
Christmas Wish
Representing the spirit of light, Wish is the perfect adornment for your Christmas tree. In the darkest time of the year, she safeguards the magic that is in the tree as well as all that is under it. Her light shines bright for all at Christmas amd year round.
Cranberry is certainly a Festive Fairy. She is known as the Fairy of good times, good friends and good fellowship so it?s very appropriate that she appears most frequently at Christmas.
Gabrielle, The Tree Top Fairy
Don’t tell me you don’t have a Fairy atop your Christmas tree? Well, thankfully we can put that situation to right. Back by popular demand is our Christmas Tree Top Fairy. This beauty is the crowning glory of any festive tree. Here she is dressed in white starched silk with silver and Tiffany blue accents but you can choose your own colour scheme.
Glad Tidings
Good news is all around us especially as we launch ourselves into the hustle and bustle of another holiday season. Glad Tidings is here to help us to smile. She asks us to remember all the joyful cheery things that are part of the Christmas season.
Jay, The Fairy Drummer Boy
Jay the Fairy Drummer Boy creates a moving beat that tugs at your heart and makes you want to tap your toes and celebrate the Christmas season. He’s a perfect addition to your holiday décor.
Nothing is more festive and celebratory than the ringing of bells. From the booming gongs of great cathedrals to the shrill chimes of the recess bell at school, good things always follow. Jingle’s bells are the soft tinkle of the magic of Christmas. Her bells not only remind us of the joy of the holidays but are also known to ward off evil and bad will.
Merry is one of the best-loved fairies in the Fairy Realm. She is full of mirth and glee. The ringing of her bell wards off evil spirits and fills human hearts with joy.

"Fairies believe there can never be too much kissing"
A Fairy Kiss is a true blessing and a kiss while under Mistletoe will bring joy and magic to your life. Mistletoe believes special things happen to special people.

Noel is the fairy that brings joy at Christmas and year round.
Not a Creature was Stirring...
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a fairy was stirring nor even her mouse. The magic of Christmas is captured perfectly in this Christmas ball.
Poinsettia?s brilliant red attire denotes the gaiety and festive spirit of a very special time of year. She uses her powers to bring people together and share in all the joys that are theirs and those that will be theirs.
Santa Baby
"Not a Creature was Stirring"
Santa Baby is created from all that is sweet at Christmas. She should be set out to watch over all the delicious treats at Christmas especially the ones left for a certain elf expected to arrive in the late hours of Christmas Eve.

Santa Fairy
Have you ever wondered how Santa got around before the reindeer? It is time to let Santa’s secret out of the closet. Santa is from the Fairy Realm. His wings are hidden but every once in a while when sleigh troubles occur, Santa resorts to the old ways so that all good children of the world won’t be disappointed on Christmas day.
Not a creature was stirring? not even the Snowball Fairy. Inside this 3" glass ball, the Snowball Fairy rests peacefully on a bed of soft glistening snow. During the night, more snow has fallen to coat the outside of her cozy nest. When she wakes, Christmas will be here!
Snowflake is a reflection of the beauty of one of nature's miracles. She glistens and shines in the winter sun and casts shadows of her beauty over the land.
Appearing amidst the moonshine, making her way through the shades of night, her silvery shape takes form. Star represents the Spirit of Light and Festivity of the Holiday season. Like the historic star that announced the birth of Jesus, the Fairy Star brings lightness and life to the hearts of all at Christmas.
Sugar Plum
The dancing, the celebrating and the enjoyment of the festive season create a magic atmosphere for those around her. With her plum coloured silk dress shimmering with glass glitter and a sparkled tulle underskirt, one can easily imagine how our Sugar Plum Fairy would dance and flit on a mid winter's breeze.
It’s a spark… a flash… no it’s Twinkle!
The great stars in the sky send forth little pieces of magic which become fairies full of phosphorescent light. With her ability to appear or disappear at her pleasure, Twinkle is an earthbound light show. Just 3” tall she’ll bring her light to your Christmas and beyond.