Each Fairy will be individually hand crafted from porcelain by Fairy Artisans Teresa Fischer & Terry Wolfert.
Unless stated otherwise, each fairy is 1? scale which makes their standing height 5- 6?.
Express yourself. Customize your fairy to make her uniquely yours.
Talk to Terry or Teresa 1-888-770-8418

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Price: $194.00
Giselle, The Fairy of the Dance SOLD OUT

Giselle, the Fairy of the Dance is known as the great teacher and temptress of the dance.
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?Come fairies, take me out of this dull world for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame?
William Yeats

Presenting the Inspirational Fairy?

Giselle, The Fairy of the Dance

In the fairy realm the greatest joy comes through celebration and a vital ingredient in any celebration is dance. Giselle, the Fairy of the Dance is known as the great teacher and temptress of the dance. She leads all major processional dances and fairy rings, luring both fairies and humans to join her. Judging by the number of television dance programs in our world she has been working overtime with her beguiling ways to inspire many to experience the joy of the dance.

Giselle is truly an alluring fairy. She dances on her toes with her satiny gown flowing about her legs. It is fashioned of a soft flame red, fiery orange and shining chartreuse silk. Licks of golden fairy dust follow the flow of her gown and the silken veils that catch the breeze as she leads the dance. Soft green jewels on her face draw attention to her lustrous green eyes. Her beauty is framed with long flowing dark hair and softly glittering watercolour wings.

To be enticed to dance with the fairies is to live one step beyond?.

Giselle is a Limited Edition Fairy and there will be only 61 of her created. She will have her own numbered Certificate of Limitation & Authenticity.
Her Issue Date is October 17, 2008. Price is $194.00