Each Fairy will be individually hand crafted from porcelain by Fairy Artisans Teresa Fischer & Terry Wolfert.
Unless stated otherwise, each fairy is 1? scale which makes their standing height 5- 6?.
Express yourself. Customize your fairy to make her uniquely yours.
Talk to Terry or Teresa 1-888-770-8418

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Price: $94.00
Charlotte the Web Fairy - SOLD OUT

A Spinner of Dreams
?All that you can dream you can do?
It has long been known that the fine silk that the fairies wear is spun from the silk of spiders. But did you know that not all spider webs are inhabited by spiders? Charlotte and her troupe of like fae also spin a web ? a very special web that she has designed to catch and hold onto your dreams. Charlotte spins this magical web close to where you sleep so that she not only watches over you in your dreams but also ensnares them, holds them and guides you to living your dreams.

Product Information
Charlotte the Web Fairy radiates with positive energy and her can-do attitude is easily transferred to all around. Her penetrating gaze makes you wonder what other secrets she hides in her web. Her calm and peaceful demeanor gives you the confidence to face the day. As you waken rested and refreshed in the morning, see the early sun dancing off the iridescent sheen of her skirt and the sparkling web on her bodice. Her flowing red hair lights a spark in your imagination and inspires you with her passion for life. Perched delicately in her own silver web the slightest movement of air allows her to spin and show off her beauty from all sides.Charlotte the Web Fairy?s greatest purpose is to empower you to see yourself living your dreams!