Each Fairy will be individually hand crafted from porcelain by Fairy Artisans Teresa Fischer & Terry Wolfert.
Unless stated otherwise, each fairy is 1? scale which makes their standing height 5- 6?.
Express yourself. Customize your fairy to make her uniquely yours.
Talk to Terry or Teresa 1-888-770-8418

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Price: $219.00
Price: $169.00
Passion, the Power of the Feminine Spirit
Bloom, The Fairy of Possibilities SOLD OUT
Bloom teaches us to let go of the hardships of the past, its bitterness and sorrows and embrace a new fresh day with unlimited potential for love and learning. So although we come out of a season of trial we look to the sun, the flowers, and the magical beauty of a special Fairy named Bloom to bring us hope, health and happiness.
Charlotte the Web Fairy - SOLD OUT
A Spinner of Dreams
?All that you can dream you can do?
It has long been known that the fine silk that the fairies wear is spun from the silk of spiders. But did you know that not all spider webs are inhabited by spiders? Charlotte and her troupe of like fae also spin a web ? a very special web that she has designed to catch and hold onto your dreams. Charlotte spins this magical web close to where you sleep so that she not only watches over you in your dreams but also ensnares them, holds them and guides you to living your dreams.

Cherish - SOLD OUT
Who was to know that the journey which began on that cold snowy November day 20 years ago would take us to where we are now? The magic of the Fairy Realm must certainly have been present for how else can it be explained?
Cherish has long been our guiding sentiment and here she is in the flesh. She looks over her shoulder and contemplates the marvels that are in her past while at the same time, keeping her mind’s eye on what is to come.

Chrysalis - SOLD OUT
The meek creature that entered the pod is nothing like the ethereal being that is emerging. The creature of the earth has transformed into this new luminous Fairy Deva. Chrysalis’ opalescent glow seems to stream out in every direction and an aura of light cascades around her. Her other-worldly grace and magical knowledge only enhance her beauty and strength. Her gift to us is the belief that we too can transform and overcome our fears and limitations and reach for the golden rings of life.

Cricket, SOLD OUT
Is there a more calming melody than that of her song on a warm summer’s eve? Or a more foreboding echo than that of her eerie silence warning of an oncoming storm? Not only is Cricket one of Mother Nature’s sweetest fairies, she has long been appreciated for her ability to sing so prettily and ward off the “Evil Eye”. In all cultures Cricket is looked upon as a lucky and most welcome visitor. Cricket, the Fairy Minstrel of Good Fortune is a Limited Edition Fairy and comes with a Certificate of Limitation & Authenticity. Only 61 of Cricket will ever be created and they will sell out quickly. Reserve your Cricket now and Save. Her special reserve pre-issue price is $99.00. After her Issue Date of July 30, 2013 her Issue Price is $159.00
Dot The LadyBug Fairy SOLD OUT
Powerful Fairy Forces were at work in the creation of the LadyBug.
Regardless of what part of the world you are in, the LadyBug is always associated with good fortune.

Eternity - SOLD OUT
Eternity celebrates the beautiful souls we have encountered on our Fairy Journey. She commemorates the life and spirit of those we have loved and lost, those irreplaceable souls who have touched our heart and whom we will never forget. Eternity reminds us that life is a circle and forever ongoing. Even though some have moved on to a new realm, they are with us always and will forever be part of the circle. A glance at Eternity is like breathing in a little of the essence of those we have loved and taking them with us throughout our day. She keeps their spirits alive and present and us grateful we had the privilege of sharing our world with them.
Giselle, The Fairy of the Dance SOLD OUT
Giselle, the Fairy of the Dance is known as the great teacher and temptress of the dance.
Glaze - SOLD OUT
For those who are deserving, the Great Winter Fairies of the frigid north have dispatched Glaze. Glaze’s mission is not to do away with winter and upset Mother Nature’s balance but to moderate its harshness and allow a smooth transition to spring. Glaze will act as a shield against the bitter extremes of ice and cold and free us from the remnants of winter making way for a glorious spring.
Unlike many of the fairies you will encounter, Gratitude does not come from some far away land but is found within all of us, awaiting the time we free her. Gratitude is what we at Fables, Fantasy & Fairy Tales experience most when we think back on the past 25 years. For all of you who have joined us on the journey, we can’t thank you enough!
Hunny, the Bumble Bee Fairy-SOLD OUT
Scientists have examined the biology of a Bumble Bee and declared “It is impossible for this insect to fly!” Yet somehow the Bumble Bee and all other bees can fly and thrive and produce the sweetest of rewards, honey. How can this happen? We attribute this magic to Hunny, The Bumble Bee Fairy who is also known as the Impossible Dreamer. Hunny sits inside her mystical ring which encircles her charmed energy. She wears black glitter striped yellow leggings and arm sheaths. Her skirt is comprised of fine yellow silk petals tipped with a black bead charm. Her velvet bodice is like the fuzzy warmth of a bumble bee and her yellow and black wings sparkle with gold fairy dust like pollen clinging to a bee. Her ebony curls are striped with blonde and she wears a tiny golden tiara. Two golden drips of honey dangle from her ring representing the sweetness of the rewards of dreaming Impossible Dreams.

Hunny the Bumble Bee Fairy is a Limited Edition Fairy and comes with a Certificate of Limitation & Authenticity. Only 61 of Hunny will ever be created and they will sell out quickly.

Juliet, The Fairy of the Footlights SOLD OUT
All the great masterworks of drama, poetry and literature have been inspired by Juliet. Story tellers the world over call to Juliet to encourage them and guide them with her inspirational quill. It is said she has sat on William Shakespeare?s shoulder and whispered in his ear as he created his masterpieces. Of course, that is why we have Romeo and Juliet, not Romeo and Martha!
Katrina, the Wild Cat Spirit Fairy - SOLD OUT
Earth’s natural world and the Fairy Realm exist in parallel worlds. Each segment of earth’s natural world has a representative fairy. Wildlife is represented by Animal Spirit Fairies and here we introduce you to our first Animal Spirit Fairy, Katrina. Katrina embodies the spirit of all wild felines.
From that enchanted place t?ween the light and dark side of the moon is a mysterious place known as the valley of the blue moon. It?s from here that a little piece of heaven, Luna, The Fairy For Living Life descends to earth. Untamed and free, this sweet dream moonbeam fairy named Luna arrives with the purpose of showing you how to live life to the fullest. From the perfumed darkness of the night she appears in luminous splendour.
Melody, The Siren of Song is at work. Melody inspires the most beautiful songs in heaven and earth.
Mia, Honouring Life's Milestones- SOLD OUT
Inspired by our own 25th wedding anniversary this year, we introduce Mia, the Milestone Fairy. Life’s path is fraught with pot holes, bumps and detours making it difficult to distinguish the stepping stones from the stumbling blocks. Mia helps guide us along this path so that we can create and reach our own milestones
Mystical Misty SOLD OUT
Great Mystery abounds in the shroud of mist that blankets the morning sun. As the mist swirls around us that which we can see becomes blurred with excitement of possibility. Could there be something magical waiting silently in the mist just outside of your sight? This is where we find Mystical Misty, The Sculptor of the Imaginary World.

It is said that inside every opal there is a spark of fire. Our Opal Fairy is that spark and she will come to you to help you find your own passion and burning desire. Opal is truly a messenger from the gods.
Passion, the Power of the Feminine Spirit
With all its creativity, desire and ambition, the feminine spirit personified in the Fairy Passion will engage its pink power and turn back the orange surge so humanity and compassion can return to our world.
The mysteries of the deepest sea hold the secret magic that transformed this once wonderous mermaid into a truly enchanting fairy queen. From her watery depths she rises bearing gifts of the ancient ocean world to enhance ours. Pearl has arrived. With her powerful spirit and all encompassing love, she sends out currents of comfort and peace.

Refreshing Raine SOLD OUT
At a time when soft breezes blow and gentle clouds of gift-wrapped dreams drift heavenward, a delicate and gentle fairy maiden stirs. She is the life giving spirit of a refreshing rain. She celebrates the first droplet of water that brings growth from decay and good from bad. As the raindrops begin to dance in fairy pools their tempo combines with the song of the wind and a fairy symphony has begun.
Sheba, The Fairy of Riches - SOLD OUT
Sheba, the Fairy of Riches is the Fairy Realm?s master wealth guide. She shows us that riches come from our imagination and pursuing our heart?s desire. She is not only the true treasure at the end of the rainbow but also the rainbow itself, reminding us to enjoy each step of our journey, not just the end result.
Sienna, Nature's Painter Fairy SOLD OUT
Do you ever wonder how all the colour that surrounds us came to be? Consider the broad brushstrokes of the early morning sunrise or the fine detail and ornate colour of a butterfly?s wing. These are but two examples of the creative work of Sienna, The Master Painter of the Fairy Realm.
Hiding far beyond the dark side of the moon in the deepest most obscure corner of the galaxy in a timeless zone beyond the visible world is an elegant yet elusive winged beauty named Skye. Skye is the Fairy of the Night Sky, dark and mysterious yet mighty and powerful. She frolics on the gentle breezes of dreams and the mighty winds of nightmares. This mystical beauty is the dark destroyer of fears and dreads that live only in our dreams.
Soleste, The Sun Fairy SOLD OUT
"Fairy of the Sun so clear
We praise your inspiration here
Fill the world with possibilities great
So your life and light creates our fate."

Sophia, The Wisdom of the Ages SOLD OUT
Out of the mists of time emerges Sophia, our second Animal Spirit Limited Edition Fairy. Drawing on the strength and spirit of the great apes, she embodies their wisdom. She shows us that knowledge can be taught but wisdom must be experienced
Teagan, the Philosopher Fairy - SOLD OUT
Long thought to be the main entrance to the fairy realm, it is fitting that Ireland would be the home to the greatest philosopher of the Fairy Realm.
Whispy, The Dragonfly Fairy-SOLD OUT
The Flight of the Dragonfly is a wonder to behold. It soars gracefully with flashes of sparkle and vibrant colour. Flitting from flower to tree, it is of the earth and also the sky. So also is Whispy, Our Dragonfly Fairy. Like a dragonfly, she is mesmerizing in flight and fearless by nature. As old as history, she has for centuries captured human imagination. She is known as a whirlwind, always active and ready to take off on a whim.