Fairy Creation

Pouring the Porcelain, Cleaning and Firing

Porcelain slip is injected into the fairy mold. It is allowed to set and then the porcelain greenware is removed from the mold. The greenware is then cleaned of any ridges and defects and features are defined. The greenware is then fired in a kiln to become the porcelain we see in the fairy now.

Painting the Fairy

The features of the fairy are carefully painted in china paints and then the fairy is fired in the kiln to set the paint onto the porcelain. The painting occurs in stages and each fairy is painted and then fired two to three times.

Making the Fairy Body

The fairy bodies are designed to a precise pattern and cut out of felt to allow maximum flexibility and durability. Pipe cleaner wire is inserted to allow the fairy to be posed and then the limbs and breastplate are attached. Much of the body is hand stitched as it is too small to be done by machine.

Dressing the Fairy

The intricate work of dressing the fairies is all done with hand stitching. They are dressed in a very fine lace that is usually white but can be dyed a particular colour. Flower petal fairies have been dressed in carefully placed petals taken from silk blossoms.

Making the Fairy Wig

The wig is made from very fine Viscose fibres and it is designed directly on the head of the fairy using lots of patience and glue. Curls which have been made by wrapping sections of hair around tooth picks and then baking them, are added to the fairies head where appropriate. Hand made silk flower buds are added at this stage to complete the fairy.

Making the Fairy Setting

Each fairy setting is lovingly selected and designed to enhance the grace and whimsy of the fairies. We are on a constant search to develop ideas and designs in which a fairy could be found. The bases are made from wood and lined with felt to protect your furniture. Music boxes are added where appropriate.

Each fairy can be moved and posed to suit various settings. You are free to choose a setting and put any of the fairies into it. Any of the fairies may also be purchased individually.

Fairy Collectible Figurines