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Whimsical Miniatures designed for EGG ART

Fables, Fantasy & Fairy tales has been designing and creating exquisite miniature dolls for use in Egg Art for many years. Some of our fairies and mermaids are shown in the pictures below. You can order any of these dolls by going to the 1/2" scale fairies section of our Gallery. Please contact us if you would like a custom made porcelain doll for your egg creation: 1-888-770-8418.


Click on picture for a detailed view.

1/2 inch Scale Porcelain Fairies
1/2" Scale Porcelain Fairies

These finely detailed porcelain fairies are ideally suited for use in egg art. At 2-1/2" tall, they fit easily into an ostrich, rhea or emu egg. Their bodies are wired so they can be easily posed into any position to suit your setting. These fairies are available in three basic styles:

Sitting Fairy looking straight ahead
Sleeping Fairy eyes closed
Flying Fairy head positioned upward

You can choose the hair colour and style of your fairy.

Price: $49.00

1/2 inch Scale Mermaids
1/2" Scale Mermaids

Similar to the small fairies, these mermaids have a fine porcelain face and hands but have a sculpted tail covered in fine silk highlighted with glitter. They are also available in the three basic styles:

Sitting Mermaid looking straight ahead with tail out in front of her
Sleeping Mermaid eyes closed, as shown in egg by Gloria Harrison (below)
Swimming Mermaid head positioned upward, tail curled to the back

You can choose the hair colour of your mermaid

Price: $49.00

Porcelain Nymphs
Porcelain Nymphs

These tiny porcelain Fairies are approximately 1" tall and work well in smaller egg designs. You can choose both their skirt and hair colour.
Also available siting & reclining

Price $20.00

Tiny Pixies
Tiny Pixie

This tiny fairy has a fully jointed porcelain body. Her arms and legs move in a variety of positions so she can sit or stand. Her sweet face is framed by pointy pixie ears and she is dressed in a sparkling tulle skirt.
A perfect tiny pixie at approximately 1-1/2" tall.
1/2" scale

Price $54.00

The following pictures are of eggs created by renowned international egg artists
using fairies & mermaids created by Fables, Fantasy & Fairy Tales.
For further information on any of these eggs, we will be happy to put you in touch with the artist.

Egg Art