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Fairy Facts

If you can see with a child's eye there is a world full of color, joy and wonder to be seen. The fairy realm reminds us to keep this joy and creativity alive. Each cave and hollow tree has a doorway to another world. Every flower, leaf and blade of grass has a story to tell. Streams sing and the winds whisper ancient secrets into the ears of those who will listen.

The best places to find fairies are in the "tween places" like forks in the road, where streams divide or border hedges; the best time to find them is in the "tween times" like dusk or dawn. Until you are atuned to the fairy realm you may not see their approach, however, an unexplained ripple in water or a sudden chill may indicate their presence and their wish for you to join them.

a fairy silhouetteThey range in size from the very very tiny flower fairies often smaller than a firefly to the great stone divas and the fairies that guide the wind.

They have vast storehouses of knowledge and wealth that they will bestow on us. All of the gifts and help they give have been touched with magic. They will bring us romance and true love, open doorways to success, and reveal to us all the great treasures of the earth. Above all else they work to alleviate our pain and suffering, serving as our guardians and helping us grow.

Fresh flowers and laughter are the best ways of attracting fairies to you for as we know just as each flower has its own fairy each tear that is shed from laughter creates a new fairy.